Autosound offer a carefully selected choice of products to enhance your motorhome, caravan or boat. You can take all the comforts of home with you, including your entertainment and even get satellite TV while in motion on the way there, with the right kit on the roof of your motorhome.

As a top-tier company in our field, we are uniquely equipped to be suppliers to manufacturers for systems development and also to supply dealers as well as consumers with finished solutions. From a nineteen inch television made for 12 Volt use, to battery chargers with intelligent circuitry to trickle-charge once they have topped-up your battery with care. Sophisticated multi-camera reversing systems and even navigation systems with what are called “Truck Attributes” or data about the widths and heights of roads and bridges, so vital for the Winnebago owner, let alone drivers of smaller Land Yacht Pantechnicons.

And you need not fret about how exactly work will be carried out on your cherished chattel. As Autosound has the single most well appointed leisure market installation facility in the entire UK. At a cavernous 4,500 square feet, it reflects how much of our time is spent with full size luxury coaches on the premises. It is thus easy for us to accommodate even the largest live-aboard projects, whether they have many wheels or a long curvy hull.

At our Bradford premises we have a comfortable waiting area and there’s our well-stocked shop attached to it, to browse for further upgrades, which could prove tempting, be warned! – The leaders in leisure vehicle and maritime installations of the very best products

Autosound Leisure