They say that the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys and one of the very most compelling has to be the classic car.

Whether to you, ‘classic’ means a ’59 Fin, or a Forties P3 Rover, a Jensen or even an early Seventies Ford Zephyr, there is no longer any reason to do without music to go with your ride.
Of course, slapping a 21st Century Double-DIN Blaupunkt New York 800 in the dash would be jarring and out of keeping with your wonderful cherished, shiny chariot.

But just like the more rugged battery that you might fit to a not-often-driven treasured car, the products from Classic Car Stereo are like a Wolf in a 1950’s leather bikers’ jacket.
Or a 1960’s sumptuous sheepie coat.

Autosounds range of classic car radios and accessories can be found here: