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Autosound Bus and Coach

When you step onto a coach, you immediately judge it and a big part of whether you are impressed or depressed is down to how well-appointed the entertainment system is.
A plethora of Blue Spots and you know your ride won’t be too tedious.

For the best-known brand of in-coach entertainment is Blaupunkt, under the wing of Robert Bosch.

With a wide range of equipment for everything from simple music playback to multiple-viewer TV screen-based entertainment and full courier Public Address facilities for commentary and announcements, Blaupunkt/Bosch has it all. Right down to a selection of microphones to suit the leader of your very own Coach Trip!
Autosound has been an ‘outpost of empire’ as the long term trusted company in the UK for Blaupunkt and Bosch coach audio for many, many years. As the UK and Ireland Distributor for Bosch for their professional products, this goes deep. All the way through from selling the equipment to the fitting of it within quarter of a million pound-plus luxury coaches by our master automotive electricians.

We are the leaders in coach entertainment and if you have ever travelled on a UK coach, or any coach, across all of Europe and listened to music or seen a movie, then you will have already experienced the equipment and likely as not, our workmanship, too.

Autosound are also proud to announce our newest business relationship, with Funtoro, as their recently appointed UK and Ireland representatives.
Funtoro supply some truly next-level server-based in-coach entertainment systems with touch screens, hub-based self-diagnosing technology and a choice of screen sizes for your passengers from seven to ten inches. Up to 54 ‘independent clients’ can be set up with full demand-led touchscreen multimedia entertainment. It’s high tech heaven with Media On Demand offering songs, your location on the route map and much more…

In addition to the full MOD video system, there’s also Funtoro MCA or multi channel audio. This can deliver up to 32 channels of audio and can be synchronised to GPS to deliver the ultimate in automated multi-language guide commentary for tour buses. Also very powerful for music delivery, it is clever technology and Autosound can make it a reality in your coach, making your vehicle the one folks will want to ride in most.